Born in Buenos Aires, lives and works in Berlin.


MFA, National University of Arts, Buenos Aires. 2001-2004
Degree thesis : Genealogy in the Argentinean Geometric Tradition: Yente, Diyi Laañ, Lidy Prati
published in Ramona 62, July 2006.
BFA, National Academy of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires 1997.

Fellowships & awards

Grant to young artists, Fondo de Cultura de Buenos Aires. 2006
Grant to young artists, Fondo de Cultura de Buenos Aires. 2005
Fellowship to the Artistic Creation, by Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires. 2001


Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, proyect grant, Schöppingen Germany. 2017.
Rockland Residency, Site specific Mural, Seattle, USA. 2016
Batiscafo ResidencyH.U.M. Project (Multi pourpose room) with Miguel Mitlag. La Habana, Cuba. 2010
Guapamacátaro Art and Ecology Residency, H.U.M. Project (Multi pourpose room) with Miguel Mitlag. Michoacán, Mexico. 2009

Solo Exhibitions

Patterns of a possible reality, MMGallery, Berlin, 2021.
Patterns of a possible reality, Embassy of the Republic of Argentina, Berlin, 2020.
Diamantenwald, R17 Experimental zone, Berlin, 2020.
Event horizon, PS Gallery Buenos Aires, 2017. 
Fundamental interactions of a starry sky, MACBA Buenos Aires, 2016.
Mirror_pag4, Proyecto Alimentación 30, Madrid, Spain, 2016.
Different similarities, duo show with Gonzalo Reyes Araos, Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin, 2017.
Three is a magic number, Nopx, Turin, Italy. 2013
Transparent Things, Fundación F Klemm, Buenos Aires. 2010
White room #01, duo show with Miguel Mitlag White Studio, Turin, Italy. 2010.
Diamond, Aleph Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires. 2008.
Vertex Crystal, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. 2006
Before or later, La Casona de los Olivera, Buenos Aires. 2001.
Behind the emptyness, Espacio de arte Juana de Arco, Buenos Aires. 2001
Reasons for a painting, Espacio Giesso, Buenos Aires. 1999.

Group Exhibitions

Corporis et Levitatis, Installation Eliana Heredia & Carla Bertone, R17 Experimental Zone, Berlin, 2022.
6. Internationaler André Evard Preis, shortlisted, Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel, DE, 2022.
Entrada de Emergencia, Group show MM Gallery Buenos Aires, 2021.
Neo Post, MACBA, Buenos Aires, 2021.
PintorAs, a more than ten years story, Centro de Arte UNLP, La Plata, Argentina, 2021.
I don´t see anything as it is now, HilbertRaum, Berlin, 2020.
Diffractions, Galerie Patricia Dorfman, curated by Julio Artist-run Space, Paris, 2019.
Iteraciones sobre lo no mismo, MACBA, Buenos Aires, 2019.
Amigxs el futuro es nuestro, PintorAs 10 años, Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, 2019.
Multiples, curated by Julio Artist Run Space at Ofr, Paris,2019.
Focus on Abstraction, Pavilion am Milchof, Berlin,2019.
Latin America Back to the future, MACBA, Buenos Aires, 2018.
Curatorial Part Uno, Alte Münze, Berlin, 2018.
Like home, Glint, Berlin, 2018.
Abstractas, Gachi Prieto Latinoamerican Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, 2018.
How to start a group, PintorAs, Galería Ruby, Buenos Aires, 2017.
A Dionisio con color, Dacil Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2016.
Kunst am Spreeknie, Open Studios Funkhaus, Berlin. 2015.
PintorAs, Universidad de Leon, Leon, Spain. 2014
PintorAs, Sala Rivadiavia, Cadiz, Spain. 2014.
Geometrías al límite, MACBA, Argentina. 2013.
PintorAs, Magda Bellotti Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 2013
Art&Design Abroad, Argentinian Art&Design, Mueso delle Scienze Naturali, Turin, Italy. 2012.
Suite vol. I, Cristiani Art Gallery, Turin, Italy. 2012.
PintorAs, Casa Argentina, Paris, France. 2012.
Art Book Editions, Nopx, Turin, Italy. 2011.
PintorAs, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires. 2011.
PintorAs, Auditorium Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2011.
PintorAs, MAC Rosario, MAC Salta, MAC Corrientes and Museo Casilda, Santa Fé. 2010.
Geometries, Jardín Luminoso Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2009.
Diverso, Masottatorres Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2009.
Anonymous Drawings#8, Meinblau, Berlin. 2008.
Mountain, site specific project, Facultad de Sociología UBA. 2008.
Buenos Aires Art for export, Eyestorm, London. 2007.
D, Belleza y Felicidad, Buenos Aires. 2006.
Abstract Art (today) = fragility + resiliency, curated by Mario H Gradowczik, CCEBA. 2005.
An Imaginary Value, curated by Ernesto Arellano, C C Recoleta, Buenos Aires. 2005.
The Recollection, MALBA, Buenos Aires. 2004.
Masvernat-Gurfein- Bertone, curated by Alfredo Londaibere, C C Rojas, Buenos Aires. 2002.

Other activities

HAVE A WINDOW, artist run space with Miguel Mitlag, Turin, Italy. 2012-2013.